Saturday, January 30, 2010

ever cried at the grocery store?

well, now I have. My sexy and supportive husband commented today that he was trying to look at things through my eyes. That it must be frustrating to walk through the grocery store and see that cookies, candy, and chips were on sale - buy one get one free, half off, 3 for $1 for crying out loud - but veggies and healthy food were rarely on sale and generally more expensive. No wonder there's an obesity epidemic!! It's cheaper to eat badly! (Ok - I know that down deep, if you budget and plan, you can eat very healthy on just dollars a day). But at first glace, which is all most people do, cheap & easy = junk.

So with my husband's observation in mind, I went grocery shopping today. I said a few tearful goodbyes. To Oreos, Doritos, Ben and Jerrys. And while I know they're not gone forever, it was devestating to know that I can't control myself around these foods. (Case in point - frosting tonight. I can't even talk about THAT fiasco right now). Saying goodbye to junk food might sound dramatice - and I assure you it wasn't meant to be - but I was looking at foods and realizing in my head that while at some point I might be able to eat them again, in moderate portions, it's going to be a long road to that point. And that made me cry. Just a tear or 2. But I don't cry.

I think I'm going to start grocery shopping online for awhile. It's just too easy to get distracted by junk food at the store. And right now it's too hard.

In other news - news of the UPbeat...I made meatloaf tonight - one for my growing teenage boy and husband, and one for me. Their meatloaf was traditional. Mine however was a blend of ground turkey and chicken - plus onion and tomato sauce - and a bunch of seasoning. It's delicious!! I'll log it and am fairly certain I'll come in under my calorie count for the day.

Back on the wagon.

...and hopefully able to resist the cake I made from a receipe I heard online (cake made with Sprite!). with a little less than a full container of frosting.

I'm definatley an addict. 12 steps can't come soon enough.


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