Sunday, January 31, 2010

on a lighter note...

I need to start exer cising though - if for no other reason than to be able to EAT more!! Summer of 2008 I exercised like a mad woman. Every day for 8 months. I went from being able to run for 60 seconds (and almost DYING!) in April to running a half marathon in November. I ran the first 10 miles and limped the last 3.1. But I crossed the finish line. I need to find that drive agian. Or that time. I don't know where I found the time - 2 hours a day to swim, bike, or run. Some day all three. I've been finding the motivation now for 31 days to eat right. ok, I was off the wagon for a couple days - but didn't throw myself in front of a train so I'm still dropping weight.
Today my fridge is filled with food I CAN eat. veggies, fruit, prepared meals, ground turkey and chicken and while I didn't prepare my weekly lunches yet, I have the ingredients so I'm further ahead than usual. And I have my tur-chicken meatloaf.
While I LOVE the weekends, from a food point of view, they're much harder. I am having an impact on my family, my husband is becoming more aware of my struggles and is being supportive (I have to say, he IS the best...)
Work has limited food options, keeps my hands and brain busy most of the day, and I'm motivated by co-workers who are both complimentary and supportive. The combo is good for me.
Off to start my weekend, what's left of it!


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