Monday, January 25, 2010

one tiny step..

late to the blogging game - that's me. I still haven't figured out exactly what I'll talk about in here but I talk a LOT so I'm sure topics won't be hard to come by. I'm a 41 year old mom of 2 teenagers - newly married to my one true love. I wear many hats: mom, wife, employee, friend, triathlete, marathoner (well, half marathoner but still!), motorcycle rider, motorcycle racer, confidant, sarcastic - wait, that's not a hat, is it?! Anyway, you get the picture.
I read so many people and their bucket lists - I have done almost everything I want to do - I go after adventure whenever it presents itself (no - I won't ever bungee jump, don't ask me to). I spent the first 35 or so years of my life abused by the men in it - first my father, then my boyfriend and when I married that loser, my husband became my abuser. But, because this is the internet and available to everyone, I'd prefer to keep most of those details in general terms.
When I got divorced in 2002, it was truly a new beginning. Not only for me, but for my 2 children. I found out horrid details after the divorce about how they were treated that make my hair curl. I do not regret marrying my ex. I DO regret not divorcing him sooner. I'll leave it at that.
In 2003, I met my match. We met online. Yup, I kissed a lot of frogs, didn't meet any maniacs, and ended up with the one person on the planet that completes me. Enough mushy stuff. 6 years later - at the top of a mountain in Glacier Park, MT - he proposed. I still tear up at the memory of it. 11 months later, I was escorted down the aisle by my wonderful step dad and took the first step towards "Happily Ever After".
*see - I told you I talked a lot!*
Now we're living happily just north of Seattle, raising 2 teenagers and 2 dogs, no white picket fence but only because it didn't come with the house. Virtually there's one there. And that's all that matters.

One topic I want to deal with in this blog is my addiction. Not alcohol. Not gambling, sex, or drugs. It's so much more acceptable and widely available. And everyone has to deal with it every day. Most of them deal with it better than me. At least it feels that way.

Food. I love it. I hate it. I love it. No, wait, I hate it. Well, I go back and forth. A lot. I am starting a 12 step program - not as a last ditch effort to lose weight (no - that was gastric bypass in 2001 - too bad that surgery is only below the neck, I'm still broken above the neck). Don't get me wrong, it "worked", I've lost 130 pounds. But I've still got 80 or so to go. And I'm still addicted to food. So - stick with me - I can't promise to educate, enlighten, or empower you - I can hope that you follow along, laugh every now and then - and maybe there's a soul or 2 out there who can benefit from my trials and tribulations.


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