Monday, February 22, 2010

fat math...

I'm a numbers geek - I love math (don't make *that* face!).

Today I stepped on the scale (as usual...) and it said 216.2 back at me (wow - I'm still totally psyched!). so I started doing the math:

23.8 pounds in 53 days = .45 pounds a day
23.8 pounds gone = 83,300 calories cut
83,300 calories cut in 53 days = 1572 calories a day

Only 66.2 pounds to go, 147 days at the current rate. I can DO this for 147 days. Monday, July 19, 2010. I COULD be my goal weight by my 42nd birthday. Oh, the possibilities!!

Meanwhile, today I'm committed to no chocolate. And so far so good. 7 days no chocolate treats. *Success*

I'm still flying high from the LCD screen staring back at me this morning. And in the back of my mind, I'm telling myself to enjoy it because tomorrow that number will be right back where I started. Not likely, but still a lurking fear. I need to start weaning myself from the scale. But I'm not sure how. I'll ponder!

I love hearing from those of you who've contacted me - I love reading other weight loss blogs - I love that there's this nearly invisible support out there. I'm also up for suggestions on how to make this blog a little more interactive - more helpful for readers. Drop me a line, I see so many giveaways and contests but I'm not sure how to begin those (of if it's even worth it to readers?). I'm ready to hear from you though!



Kerri & Katie said...

I hate math, but loved your post! You can do it!
-Katie said...

Nice calculations! Good luck to you!