Thursday, February 11, 2010

my body sucks at math...

Ok. So if I cut 1500 calories a DAY out of my diet. And I lose roughly 2 pounds a week then WHY OH WHY when I go a measly 194 calories over my daily limit yesterday does my body GAIN 2 pounds?! How is that possible?! Because while my brain is a math whiz, my body is obviously left brained.
Ok. So, deep breath, I know that I shouldn't put so much value into the scale but I want results - short term immediate results. And watching that number go from 219 to 221 in 24 hours is just defeating. Ok. I know. Deep breath. I should weigh myself once a week and call it good. My body fluctuates - I KNOW that - but I want results.
Maybe my body was telling me that last night's thoughtless eating SHOULD have consequences. one bag of popchips put me over my limit for the day. Add to that the fact that it was 11:30 when I ate them. And that I didn't portion them. And that I went to bed RIGHT after I ate them. Ok. Maybe 2 pounds does make sense.
And now I need to find balance and forgiveness - not necessarily in that order.
Sometimes I am going to make unhealthy choices. I'm human. end. of. story.

Later I will post about my first 12 step meeting last night - I'm still processing all the info. And facing the fear.



Scooter said...

I know this is a few days old, but I just found you blog and was reading through it and I had to answer this for you. It was not the chips that caused two pounds of weight gain overnight, it was the salt on those chips that caused you to retain some extra water. Also as you said weighing yourself daily is just death to your mind you will start to obsess and sooner or later give up because you do not think you are getting anywhere! One pint of water is a pound, if you are drinking what you should be drinking that is 6 to 8 pounds of water a day, add a little extra salt and bingo two pounds in one night. Unless you eat 10,000 calories in one day it is impossible to gain two pounds of fat overnight. It was just water so forgive yourself and get back to what is working, oh and stay off of that scale, once a week max and take into consideration how much salt you ate the day before.

Good Luck,

LauraLynne said...

Scooter - rationally, I know that's true. And I'm working on breaking my scale habit (one thing at a time though!!). I'm a 'results' person and trying to figure out exactly what "results" to judge my success on. It's hard - but slowly my brain is coming around to the ideas I'm introducing.
thanks for finding me and the comment! It's much appreciated!!