Friday, February 5, 2010


Extraordinary Measure - great movie. Eating whole bag of M&M's - need to forgive myself and move forward. I have a fridge of healthy food...I should have packed a snack. I did make good choices at Red Robin - petite natural burger with a side of steamed broccoli (oh - there was a little hiccup initially when they brought me a shot glass of broccoli - um, EXCUSE ME?! You take my fries and give me TWO pieces of broccoli - I don't THINK so!). Full order of broccoli was brought out with an apology and a "this is on the house". turns out the broccoli was on the house - but it should have been in place of my fries so really the manager was blowing hot air. But anyway - turned out fine. No harm, no foul.

And then I wanted chocolate. So I sent hubby for a kit kat bar at the movie theater - the cool think about those is that I know the calorie count per kit kat stick. So it's easier to visualize and quantify how much I'm eating. But the only chocolate they had was a big bag of M&M's. And I didn't stop until they were gone. All 500 or so calories. Now I am working on the forgiveness part. Anyone have any "guilt-b-gone" spray for me? I need a large bottle please...

ps. go see Extraordinary Measures - I was pleasantly surprised with Brandon Frasier's acting and Harrison has STILL got it going on...and the storyline is very poingant without additional Hollywood Drama. It was a nice night out.


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