Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday night...

It's been a boring but successful weekend. I don't watch football so that was no issue. But today I ate late (and had a sugar free pudding for breakfast on my way out the door) but then had a great lunch (4oz turkey burger and 2c asparagus) so when we went out to dinner, I could go a little "hog wild". I had a top sirloin (6oz) and 10 shrimp (breaded) and a large salad in place of a potato choice. Still enough calories left for a WW fudge bar. now I'm sipping water trying to ignore my urge to snack. I'm going to head to bed early tonight to catch up on some sleep and avoid any more temptation (hubby is snacking on RITZ across from me!!)
I'll refrain from posting my daily weight - it will go up and is down though! :)


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