Friday, February 12, 2010

weigh in day - 222.4

I started off with a great week - got down to 219.0! The last few days have been difficult - mentally. I just want to dive back into old habits head first. I'm at nothing lost for the week and that should be a success. But I feel like a failure! 6 weeks - 18 pounds gone, that's 3 a week average. If anyone told me they'd done that, I'd be over the moon for them. ok. enough whining. I KNOW what i need to do.

This weekend I resolve to sign up for at least one 5k. And one sprint Tri. And start working out.

There, I said it. *deep deep deep breath*

I also need more sleep. at some point my body got it's wires crossed and thinks that food=sleep and I'm just struggling to fight the idea that if I eat something, I will wake up more - or feel more rested - or something! I know it's not reality.

Ok. Off to research runs and races.


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