Friday, March 26, 2010

day 4...running!

Tonight was day 4 of half marathon training.  2 miles.  Real miles.  And on my run I figured something out.  I was disappointed for several reasons - the main one being that I have to reset my goals.  I like challenges.  I like to challenge and push myself.  And now I'm going backwards - I wanted to IMPROVE my times.  So now I'm at day 0.  Which is fine.  I have a new goal to beat - I did 2 miles in 29 minutes.  So now I have a starting point (again...). 
Tonight threw a lot of obstacles in my way - my husband was going to run with me so I waited at his shop for him. And it got later and later.  And the sun started going down.  And I had to eat something - I was starving.  And I wanted to go out to eat.  And I didn't want to run by myself when he told me his knee hurt.  I had EVERY reason not to run.  But when we got home, late and hungry, I put on my running skirt, running watch, running shoes, and I hit the bricks.  My daughter ran with me - she runs circles around me.  And I ran in the dark.  With no baseline time to compare myself to.  But *I DID IT*.  Phew.
Now - dinner:  Chicken breast and pasta.  Sound familiar?  Yup.  Same as last night.  I cooked a load of chicken breast and love it - and while I LIKE variety, I don't mind monotony either.  I'm easy when it comes to food - as long as it looks pretty! 
On the calender for tomorrow:  New running shoes!!  And maybe another running skirt, this one's getting too big already!! 



Buzzy & Breezelys Mama said...

Ty for your comments on my blog. I must say I love reading yours too. Yay for getting out and running even though it wasn't how you expected/wanted and an even BIGGER YAY for your running skirt getting too big already!!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Wow! You are so encouraging, b/c I would love to start running, or in my case jogging! Plus, I did not know they had running skirts, I love me some skirts!

I'm Loving my Complicated Life! said...

Way to go!!! I am trying to become a runner as well. TY for the encouragement!


Drazil said...

Hey sweets - oh post pics of your running skirt and new shoes. I'm a whore for new running shoes! Good for you running even though you had every excuse not to - so proud of you!

Amy said...

Way to go getting the running in tho, girl! Awesome! I need new running shoes too! My goal next week to do that! oh yeah!

chicken and pasta sounds yummy even 2 nights in a row for me too!