Saturday, March 13, 2010

Food review: Orowheat sandwich thins

I forgot to take a Before shot so I give you this:

I have seen these referred to on multiple blogs and I finally remembered to look for them at the grocery store (I don't typically buy ANY bread - it's our family weakness, we would go through 10 loaves a week if it was available!).  But My goodness.  And I do mean Goodness!  The usual wheat bread that I like has 110 calories per slice.  So an air sandwich is already 220 calories.  Fully 18% of my daily allowance.  And that's before I add any fixin's! 
So I was praying that these were at least edible.  They're 100 calories for a "thin".  They look like someone sat on an english muffin.  As I assembled my shaved turkey sandwich at work, I debated wether or not to toast the 2 halves.  I decided against it, worried they would end up more like crackers. 
I forgot to take a picture of my maiden sandwich - but I am a stickler for presentation and these passed my test.  My sandwich looked appetizing and my eyes were happy.  Next critic: my tongue and tummy. 
Pass and pass!!  They're dense, which is good.  They're a little on the nutty flavored side of things which I like.  They're thin but not delicate.  I didn't have any deterioration as I ate my way from one round side to the other.  Not too chewy but not wafer-ish (ok - probably not a real word but jeesh...cut me some slack). 
And they were surprisingly filling!  My concern lately is that when I eat something, it won't satisfy my hunger or I will be genuinely hungry before it's time for my next meal or snack.  This definately satisfied my hunger!  And kept me filled!!
I've since gotten more creative with my thins:  I made a taco pizza with one open faced thin (both sides) with some taco seasoned ground chicken, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and some salsa.  Again - no picture, but trust me, it was gone so fast!!  And less than 200 calories!
Today's sandwich was grilled turkey breast (thin sliced), some lettuce, and tomato.  Best Sandwich in a very long time!  I remembered 2 bites away from the end of it to snap a photo. 
Orowheat Sandwich Thins 100% whole wheat - 2 thumbs up!!


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