Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday weigh in

I had 2 weights this morning. Compulsive me got in the scale twice. The first time I just couldn't believe I read it right and my brain wouldn't "allow" that kind of success. When I got on again, it read a pound more, which felt more realistic. I figure i must have been stepping on it wrong or...?
Drum roll: 214.8
My brain plays numbers games with me. Basically it only acknowledges the last 2 digits, before and after the decimal. In the past I think it was a coping mechanism. I know it's how I got over 300 pounds. A visual form of denial.
In my head I round the numbers up or down to the nearest 10 pounds. So 216 looks like 220 to me. But 215 looks like 210. I jump ahead or back. Mentally, that way of thinking makes it easier to gain weight and a challenge to lose it.
I will have to make an effort to change that. For good.
But for now, 25.2 pounds gone!!

And tonight a fancy dinner out with Super Husband (having a friend as the head chef at a fine French restaurant: score!!). Then we have tickets for jeff foxworthy and his redneck band of funny friends.

It just occurred to me that I need to brace for my fancy dinner out tonight. I need to make a plan - I will check with the chef himself! He is health concious and will have ideas for me!


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Amy said...

WOOOO HOOOOOO, Lauralynne!!! Fabulous loss this past week! Wonderful girl!!

high five girl!