Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday weigh in...

Another week gone by - this one filled with introspection and self discovery.  I'm still processing all of it. 
At one point this week, the scale read 215.  But I was more aware of the progress I was making in my behaviors and the discoveries of my patterns.  Today, I'm glad to report, it read 212.4.  Down at least a little bit. 
Successes this week include resisting binging - with increased stress and raging hormones, it was a close call.  I did have a couple times that I ate when I wasn't hungry or just because I WANTED something.  I do NOT like giving in to those feelings.  And while they're not binging, they do NOT feel healthy. 
I also took some progress pictures - they're in the bathroom at work.  Ya, I'm a dork.  And I took some pictures of some tasty lunches at work! 

And with that - Happy Friday and here you go:

Me at @ 212:

And tasty snack under 200 calories (135 actually!):

And lunch for 350 calories - meatball sandwich!

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Amy said...

Woo hoo, girl!!! Almost 3 lbs gone :)

Way to go!