Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home from the party...

Last night was the party I threw for my husband's 40th birthday - about 30 people or so came!!  It was at our favorite Mexican restaurant so I was prepared for the menu - and I only ate half of my sliver of cake. 
I took a picture of myself with make up on, it's like a bigfoot sighting it's so rare.  I also spent the day running around - mani/pedi, new running shoes, hair and makeup done, pick up the cake (and I bought a giant bag of candy bars thinking that I was going to make treat bags...but they're sitting in the car and I need to just take it into work tomorrow and give it to someone...before I dive in and it's too late!!)
I'm off to church this morning, I'll update in detail - and with pictures - later!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!



Drazil said...

Hey sweets- I left you two awards on my blog!

Drazil said...

OH GAWD - send the candy bars to me. Okay maybe not - ugh. Where's the pic? I wanna see you all snazzied up! Glad the party was a success.

Amy said...

Beautiful Sunday to you, LL!

Happy Bday to your honey too!! Yay for your successful night... feels so good, and is so empowering!!