Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My son the comdedian

Last night I finally made it to the grocery store. I have oodles of healthy food and meals planned! On a whim, instead of the healthy pantry meals, I decided to cook tacos last night. My son gave his exuberant yahoo over the announcement and I continued with "but I saw a really cool idea-instaed of taco shells, I'm putting them in lettuce leaves!"
My son's face fell and he told me "mom, that's NOT a taco, that's a meat salad!"
I'm counting the 5 minutes of laughing as exercise.
I did buy shells for the family but my tacos we on lettuce leaves:

In other, not so funny news, my brain was playing tricks on me yesterday. After I wrote about how successful this week's been in term of how I think about food, I started to slip back into old mental habits. Like a switch had been flipped. I was prepared though and determined to figure out why.

And I did, I think. My brain did acknowledge the success. But it interpreted it as being done. As if I'd reached the finish line and there was a free buffet. I've never been successful at changing my thinking about food before - I've been able to diet and lose weight but never addressed the addiction side of the problem. So this is all new territory for me. And it's interesting to be able to so clearly recognize the old patterns. I know it's not always going to work like this. I'm going to have days when my brain finds new ways to trick me into old habits. And there will be days I fall back into them. But yesterday was a good lesson.
And I'm still filled with hope.
And I packed lunches for the rest of the week. I'm trying out sandwich thins...I haven't heard a bad review yet. I will report back!



Tina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm adding you to my blog roll and plan on keeping up. You have done an amazing job. I too am working away at mental part of this journey. I thought I was doing really well until I was in pain and turned to chocolate chip cookies.

Tiff said...

I've been meaning to try the taco leaf thing- now it's official- I need to! You are doing great- def something to celebrate :)