Saturday, March 20, 2010

news from planet Exercise...region of crazyland...

Ok.  It's done.  I'm signed up.  I'm buying running shoes today.  For a race on June 27.  15 week training plan.  Ask me what race...
Not a 5K
Not a 10K

Because my son asked me to run with him.  13.1 miles.  Rock and Roll Seattle Half Marathon.

Told you I'm crazy.

And just to prove it the scale said 210.6 this morning.  29.4 pound gone. 

Off to buy shoes, download a training plan, and get this less wobbly than December butt in gear. 

Hubby promises progress pictures today too.  Pre-crazy photos ;)



Amy said...

WOO WOO!!! a half marathon??!!! That is splendid fabulousness!!

What kind of running shoes do ya love, girl?
I need to get myself some too...

Can't wait to see the pics! Oh yeah!

Laura said...

Congrats on signing up and for the loss! Way to go!!! You've inspired me to bite the bullet and sign up for a 10k on June 5th. I've been going and back and forth and you've given me the push. Now to wait for pay day so I can afford it! You're going to do awesome in your half-marathon!