Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I said earlier this week that I wouldn't get on the scale until Friday.  Well, I lied.  Ok - I meant to lie.  This morning, after having a couple good days under my belt, I slid that bad boy out from it's little cubby hole and hit the button with my toe...nothing.  Err...maybe I didn't hit it hard enough.  Tapped it again.  Oh no.  nothing.  what the heck?  I tried another button and the third.  Nothing.  And Nothing.  Dead.  My scale died.  What am I supposed to DO without a scale?!  I scoured the house for new batteries - nearly pulling appliances apart for a power source.  I found 2 rechargable batteries and put them in (can you hear the panic as I'm searching the house for batteries for crying out loud?!?!).
Still nothing.  It's dead.  shouldn't there be a warning or something??  Low battery - think about getting some new ones - SOMETHING?! 
So I didn't lie.  I haven't been on the scale in a few days.  And now I'm considering leaving work just to buy batteries and weigh myself!  One obsession exchanged for another. 
Does everything have to be a battle? 

Ok - tonight, batteries, and if that doesn't work, a new scale!

And today, healthy eating and another run (2.5 miles again tonight - maybe my husband will come again!)

How do people do it now weighing daily?  That's putting a lot of trust in yourself - that seems crazy to me right now.  I do not trust myself - more specifically, my body.  Why do I think of my body as so untrustworthy?  Hmm...points to ponder. 

So - dear readers - here's my question:  How often do you weigh?  Do you have little tricks, routines, habits when it comes to the scale?  Tell me all about it!!



Kelly said...

Hmmmm....maybe it's a sign. (in a big voice from the universe) "Step away from the scale. It does not determine your success." LOL

Seriously, I was freaking out with the highs and lows of the scale. Stepping on that freakin' thing at least twice a day. So I gave myself a break. No scale for a while. Sometimes I take a peak to make sure I'm going the right direction or at least maintaining. Otherwise, I leave it be. If you're exercising and eating right then you're doin what you're supposed to.

It works for me. It's given me some sanity back that I much needed. :) But I do understand the desire to step on the thing every day. I just can't do it. Like last month, I only lost 4 pounds. If I were only looking at the scale I would be disappointed. But I lost 11"! So the scale doesn't always tell the full story.

amandakiska said...

I weigh once a week. I do it first thing in the morning without any clothes on. I try to "rid my body" of waste first.

I usually only lose weight three weeks a month. I have this hormonal week about 10 days before the start of my TOM. Every month it devastates me, even though I know it is coming. I spend the next week thinking about quitting and feeling like a failure. The scale has way too much power over me.

Miss S. said...

I can't weigh daily-I only force myself to weigh in for blogging purposes. And only at the gym.

Scooter said...

The scale is the most destructive tool us dieters have at our disposal! It has caused more people to fail in their journey! Don't buy the batteries. Go home and get out your tape measurer and start measuring your self once every two weeks. Our bodies can fluctuate as much as 5 pounds a day and our brains can not grasp that when we are constantly on the scale!

You know when you are eating and exercising right, that damn scale has no clue as to what you are doing. Keep doing what you know is right and stay off of the diet killer! LOL

Also think about this, what is your ideal weight? Well what is it? You do not know what it is and neither does some stupid doctor or calculation, every human being is different. You can not possibly know your exact muscle mass or if it increases due to your running, you do not know your bone mass, or your organ mass, so you know what you have no clue what your fat mass is, and neither does some stupid scale.

Think about it.

Morgan said...

Ah yes, the scale. There has been a lot of chatter about weighing habits on the blogs lately. I had my husband take mine away for two weeks to stop my multiple-times-a-day weighing. The first few days were really hard, and then I didn't think about it so much. Tomorrow it comes back for a weigh-in, and I am thinking about it and feeling worried and fearful and a little crazed. These feelings are obviously unhealthy reactions, all because I know that I am going to see a number on there tomorrow. I have been eating pretty well, and been following my C25K plan (just started last week, but I am doing it!) so why am I so worried? And why does that worry make me want to eat? Gah!

So there is my issue with the scale right now - hope it makes you feel better about your own!

Laura said...

Ahh the scale... our best friend and our worst enemy. I've been thinking a lot about my scale. It can determine so much for me, I have to think that is not healthy. Lately I have been a once a day girl. I'm thinking about getting rid of it for a month. Haven't fully committed to that idea yet. But the scale obsession is definitely a problem for many...

mbm1forever said...

For me the scal is the accountability scale. It keeps me accountable. I realize the weight will fluctuate every day, but this keeps me from eating out of control. For me, this works, I know it doesn't for everyone. I am ok with what each person likes to do to be successful.

Drazil said...

You liah! LOL Me = weigh every day girl and base my mood upon what it says. Which is why I took an 18 day weighing hiatus. Do not ask me what the correct thing to do about weighing is - I am what's right for you. That's all you can do.

Amy said...

Oh poo... %^&^$# scale! ;)

Great running girl!! So so awesome!