Thursday, March 25, 2010


well - not away - but doesn't that sound devine!!  My biggest fantasy is to disappear to a hotel on the beach and turn off the phone, the computer, turn on the TV and sit in my jammies for days watching sunrises, sunsets, and HBO. 

Anyways...tonight was day 3 of running.  And for those doing the math - yes, last night I did not run.  I was at OA until late and then hadn't had dinner by the time I got home at 10:30. 

But tonight I ran.  3.09 miles.  in 37:27 minutes.  12 minute miles.  Outside in the rain.  Mile 3 was the easiest actually!!  I basically did a 5K - and in better time than the 5K's I did when I'd been training for longer.  I am so excited for the interval training.  By golly - it's working!!

Tomorrow's weigh in day.  And Friday.  I'm not sure which one I'm looking more forward to!

And this weekend I will have enough time to work through step 4.  Stay tuned for more deep insightful posts about how effed up my parents were/are.  Someday they'll read this.  And I hope they understand where my heart is in re-telling my story.  Maybe once I'm healthier and have worked through all this - I can find a way to have a better adult relationship with both of them.  Or not.  I have an amicable relationship with them both now.  But not perfect. 

Anyways...time to eat my dinner (chicken breast and pasta) and snuggle up with my sexy husband...I have a good life!!



Weighting Around said...

Good luck on your weigh-in. I bet your did great with all that running!

Drazil said...

So awesome - way to go!