Monday, March 8, 2010

small victores (and another weekend in the bag...)

I'm feeling so much more hopefull these days.  I still have moments of struggle - times I want to snack, grocery stores, and letting myself get too hungry - but I've had more successful moments than struggles.  This weekend we had a brunch with friends and an impromptu restaurant meal.  Both dangerous times for me.  For the brunch, I planned out what I would eat before I even got there.  And I stuck to it.  Even with BACON available.  And homemade cinnamon rolls - that I made!!
The restaurant was a chinese place - family style.  I ordered sensibly so that there would be one dish I was sure to be able to eat and we skipped all appetizers.  That was actually harder:  I was VERY hungry by the time we got there and I wanted something, anything, and I wanted it *NOW*.  But our food came out mercifully quickly.  And I portioned out what I thought was healthy - and I didn't snitch after that.  We even took leftovers home!  That rarely happens...we are the "clean plate" family. 
Slow but steady changes.  I'm finding the positive side of things.  I'm finding hope.  I'm recognizing success.  But I am prepared for backwards slides.  They are part of the process.

I had a dream last night about running - I had to save someone and I ran, sprinted really, to do it.  In my dream, I was focused on running, not on saving the man.  And it felt glorious.  This week I will make tinme in my schedule to start running. 

On a probably too personal note - today I get my IUD removed.  I've had it in for the max. time and have read and been told that the hormones on the IUD slow your metabolism and cause weight gain.  Not that I have any excuses - I know that most of my fat looks like Nascar cars: "Frito Lay", "Mars", and "Ben and Jerry" sponsor stickers everywhere...but if having the IUD helps me boost my metabolism at this point, I'm all for it!! 

Here's to a successful week for everyone!! 


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Amy said...

LOL!! your comment on your fat cracked me up! Hormones WILL definitely slow ya down.. great call on that, girl!!

And a super awesome job on planning ahead your meals... wee hooo!!!