Tuesday, April 27, 2010

all or nothing...

I've been sliding - and sugar's been the gateway.  So it's gone.  Not ALL sugar - just the junk stuff. No more chocolate, ice cream, blizzards, sweet treats.  I will still be eating my instant oatmeal and occassionally birthday cake (in very small qty).  I will still be eating fruits and natural sugar.  But I just can't do the junk anymore.  I'm obsessing.  I'm distracted.  I'm losing the battle. 

I do not want to lose!! 

So I'm fighting back by cutting sugar out. 

Today's actually day #2.  Yesterday was successful - including an impromptu "I'm STARVING" trip to the grocery store for a 9pm dinner instead of a drive through.  I marched to the deli for a sandwich and said to myself "no sugar, no candy, no sugar..." with every step.  It was my mantra. 

Our candy bowl at work has been empty while that coworker has been out with knee surgery.  She comes back tomorrow.  I will NOT partake, even if I "deserve" it.  What the hell does that mean anyway?  My brain tells me that - justifys - but what I DESERVE is to conquer my addiction and be healthy. 

So there. 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!



He Took MY Last Name said...

Hello! Thanks for the follow on my blog! I popped over here to see what you are doing, and its looking good to me!

PS I decided that this week, any time I want fast food anything, to instead spend the money at the store and make it myself. I mean, even if I crave a burger, 96/4 sirloin grilled on a George Foreman is better than McD's! Woohoo Go you for doing the same!

FrugalMom said...

You are one brave woman, I would go nuts, but I wish I could do it.

My biggest step this week was to not buy ice cream. I swear the stuff is addictive. I am on day four without ice cream.....and it feels good!

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