Saturday, April 24, 2010

Almost forgot to post my weekly weigh in - and other news

Today I'm feeling pretty good about myself.  9.2 miles.  Me.  Run/Jog/Walking.  Me!  OK - enough of that... moving right along

Yesterday's weigh in was - drum roll - 204.2.  Ok, not spectacular but moving in the right direction. 
And I went and bought some new clothes.  Well, not new new 'cause I'm cheap that way...but thrift store new to me clothes.  Couple dresses, pair of pants, and a couple shirts.  I'm excited to freshen things up a little.  My wardrobe is stale..

And on tomorrow's agenda:  a 5k!  A race - and I'm excited because my brain says "It's ONLY 3.1 miles"  What a giant chage.  3.1 miles.  That's a long distance but my brain isn't freaking out over it.  That's a good change. 

Until tomorrow ladies!  Have a great weekend!!


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Drazil said...

Onward and downward right? Good job.