Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day #2 no junk sugar

well, it's not quite over - but there's none in the house and I"m in house clothes already.  I had a great dinner:  single egg 'omlet' with ground turkey, asparagus, onion, egg, and laughing cow garlic cheese wedge.  It looks like something I scraped off my shoe...but man on man, it was delicious!!  And I had a bowl of strawberries for dessert.  Now I'm waiting for my husband to come home and watching Biggest Loser. 

That show has my in tears every time...today it was the remaining contestants going to Texas to try and inspire other people.  They picked 100 people and they all did a 5k.  I ws doing ok until the final woman crossed the finish line.  She said: "I can't believe I did that - I can't even walk around Wal*Mart - I have to use a cart"

I want to be that inspiring.  So many people do that for me - many of them don't even know it - I read their blogs, look at their pictures, follow along as they battle.  We're all a work in progress and I hope that there are pepole who find me inspiring or, more accurately, feel less alone out there. 



Drazil said...

OMG - I had big fat tears rolling about 3 times. That woman at the end of the 5k put me over the edge...I was a mess. LOVE that show. And I too wish I could inspire like that. You do inspire people - someone went back to OA because of your post. That's amazing.

FrugalMom said...

I just did the Biggest Loser workout this morning (their first dvd), and it really is inspiring to see them struggle along with me. It works so much better for me than watching a slim woman in front of me, knowing that I will never be able to wear what she is wearing.