Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I finally tried greek yogurt.

I really wanted to like it! I don't really like regular yogurt but I will eat it when it's served. I do like custard style yogurt so the reports of Greek style being thicker and more creamy gave me hope. And more protein?? Sign me up!!
Well, today's snack was bread thins toast and yogurt. I could only make it 1/3 of the way through the yogurt before giving up. I had the strawberry flavored one and it was too thick and very grainy. I tried to give it a chance since I was expecting a different texture so I thought that might be throwing the taste buds off. But no, alas, no Greek yogurt for me. Bleech.

Later tonight I will catch up in how step 4 is going. It's a harder process than I first thought..but I'm getting through it.



Debi said...

I'm so glad to read your report on the Greek Yogurt! I too hate regular Yogurt and can never finish one. I too was tempted to try it since everyone else was singing its praises. Now I know for sure that I will not like it either.

I even tried the newer yogurt a few days ago thinking that somehow they would improve the taste, but alas, I just don't like the sour after taste!!! So no Yogurt for me!! I will just have to get my protein in other ways.

Laura said...

Yogurt really isn't my thing. I can do it if I have lots of other stuff in it, like strawberries, bananas, etc. On its own, blech. Sorry the greek yogurt didn't work any better for you. Looking forward to hearing how step 4 is working out for you! Thanks for your encouragement earlier when I was in the Binge Zone.

Melissa said...

I have found that all greek yogurt is not the same. I tried yoplait's new greek yogurt yesterday and had to throw it away, it was horrible!!! But Fage is so much better. You may want to try one of those, especially ones that come with cherry or honey sauce. I love them!

Tiff said...

Yea, I'm not a huge fan either- it tastes too much like sour cream to me! lol