Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I forgot about FOOD!!

ok - so this will make NO Sense to some of you - and of that I'm envious.  But for some of you - hopefully at least one of you so I'm not alone - it will make perfect sense.

I keep track of food.  Like a food inventory.  Like an addict.  What food I have - how much is left - where it is, etc.  I keep better track of my food than I do my money.  (Can you be addicted to money?).  In any case.  Sometimes this causes me to obsess about things.  Like if I buy a treat for myself.  Let's say sugar free chocolate pudding.  And it comes in a four pack.  I can tell you off the top of my head how many are left and where in the fridge I left them at.  And some days I will spend all day thinking about the one pudding left in the fridge to the point where as soon as I get home, I will eat it just to STOP thinking about it. 

Yes, I know I'm not healthy. 

What I do as a "solution" to this is not buy foods that I'm likely to obsess about.  There's no junk food in my house.  Well, nothing handy.  There is a box of cookie mix, one box of cake mix, there were 2 boxes of brownie mix but someone fixed and ATE one (wasn't me - probably was my daughter), and my husband has some Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia left in the freezer (or maybe he ate it all - that's his inventory -not mine). 
Well, last week, one of the things I brought to work was a box of lo-fat Wheat Thins.  And I LOVE wheat thins.

And today, while I was trying to figure out what sounded good for my 10am snack - I realized - I FORGOT ABOUT MY WHEAT THINS!!  I mean, they're in my drawer, I saw them when I got my oatmeal yesterday and today.  And I saw them when I get my crystal lite from out of there several times a day - and OMG, I totally forgot about them!!  This is huge GOOD news.  I'm so excited. 

so 13 wheat thins and a wedge of laughing cow lite garlic herb - I'm going to try and forget them again!!

*happy dance*

View from my run:

I did the eight miles last night! I can't walk today...but I did it! Both kids did it with me - and I think they have a little more respect for my training now (my son thought he could just show up for a half marathon and kick butt - he's reconsidering his plan now).  I ran an out and back run this time instead of loops around my neighborhood.  It was VERY hilly - but I finished all 8 miles in just over 2 hours.  And burned 2002 calories.  Blows my mind.  I still feel a little 'out of body' in terms of taking credit for achievements. 
But like so many other things in my life - I'm working on it :)



Morgan said...

Okay, both of those things are completely amazing! First of all, I know exactly what you mean about keeping a mental inventory of your food - I have done that too. So way to go in forgetting about some of it!

Secondly, you did 8 miles? You kept going for over 2 hours??? That is unimaginable for me. I am in awe of your greatness.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I often find that if it's out of sight then I do forget about it! Isn't that a great feeling!!

Congratulations on the amazing run!