Friday, April 9, 2010

Out of town

Blogging from Portland Oregon! No scales here equals no weigh in. I did go in my long run last night. Was supposed to be 5 miles. But I got lost. So I ended up running about 7 miles!!! 3/1 intervals still and my legs are sore but I can do this!
I've got a ling blog rolling around in my brain but until I get in front of a proper computer, it's going to have to wait. Meanwhile, I'm working our company's booth at the Portland swap meet and there are people walking past with all sorts of yummy food. 10 steps away is the concession stand. But sitting at m side is my munch box (lol-my phone corrected my spelling of lunch box to munch box and I'm leaving it that way!!) and I've got my days worth of food chilling and I've got 3 days to practice my will power!!


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amandakiska said...

Enjoy Portland! It is a beautiful day!