Monday, April 5, 2010

Post run dinner for under 250 calories!

Tonight's run was "only" 2.5 miles.  I say that because yesterday was 5 miles.  But the training plan calls for picking it up a notch:  run 3 minutes, walk 1 vs. 2/1.  But my time for the same distance was a little slower - just proof that I waddle run as fast as I walk (I think I walk maybe even a little faster!!).  But I did it - another day in the books.  And for that, a 250 calorie dinner (my son cooked while I ran - but he forgot to cook anything besides turkey fruit it is!)

The even better news is that I've budget enough calories for a treat later on - I've been struggling with eating late at night, craving carbs.  So I'm going to try budgeting for it and having a bagel thin tonight when/if the craving hits.  We'll see. 
This is all about learning and adapting, right? 
So - here's a question for vetran blogger - I'd like to be able to respond to people's comments via email or privately, is there an easy way to do that?  Is there something I'm missing?  I thought I could reply by the email notice I get but ... dunderhead that I's goes to "noreply-something or another" which tells me it's not going to anyone.  *sigh*



Laura said...

Those strawberries look D-E-L-I-S-H!!! Your plan for late night craving sounds like a solid one, you will have to share if it works.

I can be zero help on the blog/reply/private thing because I actually have no clue what on earth you are talking about. Hopefully someone with more knowledge then my brain holds can help you out :) :) :)

LauraLynne said...

well, my plan was foiled...the turkey burger was SOOO good - and my protein for the day was a little low so my "late night carb snack" turned into "seconds of protein" at dinner. I'll try again tomorrow - or maybe more protein at dinner will curb the "call of the carb" tonight!

Butterfly/Amy said...

Your dinner looks great!
I love seeing all the runners who are on this journey and blog. Such wonderful inspiration for me.