Friday, April 2, 2010

This is no April fools - it's the monthly goal review!

so - to recap March's goals:

Under 210 - Yup!  thank you very much!
Run 1 mile continuously - well, sort of.  training is going well and I'm running ~14 minute miles with 2/1 run/walk intervals.  I consider this goal achieved!

100 sit ups - Um... didn't even try.  Whoops!

Start working the 12 steps - I'm on step four and a little stalled - and still working on remembering to use the steps...but the goal was to start them and I DID do that!

Track all food daily - I think I tracked every day - I may have missed one day in there somewhere?

Sign up for April 5K - Yup! You have registered for the BELLEVUE 5K Run/Walk! 4/25/10 8:30am

Sign up for Summer Tri - not yet

Sign up for Fall 1/2 Marathon - Seattle Rock and Roll on June 26!

fit into size 14 jeans - I've got my size 14's on right now!  I still don't consistently fit in all 14's so I will modify this goal a little bit in the coming months and pick a pair of "goal pants" to fit into...

Take progress pictures - Yup - including April's

Make 5 new receipes - I think so...
Now - for April!!
Under 195
Keep working the 12 steps
Track all food daily
Sign up for May 10K
Sign up for Summer Tri
Train daily for Fall 1/2 Marathon
fit into goal pants
Take progress pictures
Make 5 new receipes
Weigh in only 2x a week


amandakiska said...

LauraLynne, You are making fantastic progress! I know a couple people who gained weight back after losing it with GB. You will be back at your (previous) lowest weight in no time! And even lower from there!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

WooT baby! Great work. I think you're doing awesome. I wish I fit into a non-vanity sized 14. I have on some (14) now but I can't fit into my goal 16's yet. Go figure!