Monday, May 31, 2010

Habits of a compulsive eater.

1 - you planned a meal around a binge.  Chips is a biggie for me - when I want chips I usually plan a meal around it - hamburgers, sandwiches, something that GOES with chips.  Then I eat the chips while I'm preparing, put chips with my "meal" and then get seconds while I still have "meal" on my plate.  Then - there's that leftover bag and that gets eaten in the kitchen while everyone else is watching TV and the bag disappears. 
2 - you take the longer way home because you want to finish off "xyz" from the grocery store.  This is for when you buy the king size or large bag.  I can scarf a normal size candy bar in the .5 miles from grocery to home.  But larger than a normal candy bar and I take a route that goes away from home before it goes to home.  And because I haven't committed to what time I'll be home, nobody is the wiser.  Except chocolate breath - that's my 'tell'. 
3 - secret eating: storing food 'hidden' in the house.  This doesn't usually last too long for me - but for foods I can't finish in the car on the way home, they get 'stashed' until I have an opportunity to eat them.  And there's not much else I can think of until they're all gone.  Food has kept me awake at night. 
4 - Justifying the 'sale':  buy 2, get 2 free - I mean, I'm buying one, so all I have to do is buy one more and I get FOUR - I mean, mathmatically, that's pure genius, right?  And I'm all about frugal - and my addicted brain is happy to do that math.  Buy one get one free.  I mean, FREE people - free food has no calories, right? And why are apples never buy one get one free - or bananas - or any fruits or vegetables?  Only chips, sod, and candy.  Or at least it seems like it to me! 
5 - the illusion of control:  I will only have 2 cookies.  Only 2 more.  Ok - one more and then I'm done...hey, wait - who ate all the cookies?  Couldn't have been me, I only had a time...right? 
6 - it's healthy, so eating a LOT doesn't count.  This is one only an addict understands.  Brocolli is good for you.  2 pounds of broccolli is compulsive eating.  Same for sugar free pudding, watermelon, cucumber, ground turkey, etc. 

I know there's lots more.  What are your "compulsive eating" habits? 


PS.  most of the way through Day 1.  so far, so good.


Mad Woman said...

But it's cheese. That's healthy right? And if I eat half a block of cheese grated onto my plate of spaghetti, that counts as my dairy portion. Right?

Truthfully, you just listed a bunch of stuff I am STILL struggling with.

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

If the kids make me mad, or spouse or 'people', I am guaranteed 'feel better' food until I feel better. It doesn't count.

I've been good. I deserve___xyz___

Feeling like a failure means I need a pick me up. Sugar. When I'm tossing creamy fluffy into my abyss, it doesn't matter how deep the hole is. It needs to be filled.