Sunday, May 9, 2010

late in posting - it's been a busy weekend!

First - and foremost - Happy Mother's Day!!

Secondly - my Friday weigh in - 201.8 *phew*
I'm so close to 199.8!  One more pound...
Maybe next Friday!

Lastly - Motherhood trumped OA meeting yesterday.  My husband had to work and my son had a baseball game - so I didn't make it ot the meeting.  Next week.  And I told my husband next Saturday, no matter what, I'm going.  *sigh*

In running news - on Friday was my long run.  I ran a path around Greenlake in Seattle.  The path is 2.8 miles so I had to run 4 laps to get my 11 miles in.  My training plan is to run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute but I've been pushing that to see where my limits are.  Mostly they're mental.  It's still difficult to run - from a muscle point of view.  Aerobically, I don't struggle much (someday I'll explain my seriously effed up aerobic system - I can't achieve a heart rate over 120 - no. matter. what.) I did 3/1 intervals for the first lap.  Then I figured I would push myself and run the next lap (ok - run is misused, jog is more accurate), and run it I did!  Then, lap 3, I figured I would try and run that as well - with the promise of intervals for the final lap.  Intervals were going to be my reward!  As I rounded lap 3, I told myself, just keep running until the first landmark - a foot bridge.  Past that is the theater, then the boathouse, the bathrooms, and then the finish line.  I ran ALL OF IT!!  I ran 8.4 miles.  without intervals!  My lungs did fine - my legs hurt!!  But I did it!!

And so - while the scale isn't plummeting the way I think it should be, I'm seeing progress.  In my running, in my shape, in my 'can do' attitude. 

I'm still struggling with food.  A lot.  A tea cup of crackers is ok when planned for.  3 cups worth because I'm waiting for hubby to get home is NOT ok.  And then a whole burrito at our favorite resaturant.  Not half like I planned for.  Addiction still going strong. 

Now I'm off to have brunch with my sisters and my mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all past, present, and future moms!



Summer said...

"And so - while the scale isn't plummeting the way I think it should be, I'm seeing progress. In my running, in my shape, in my 'can do' attitude. "

Whooo hooo for you!!!! That's so great. Hope you had a nice brunch. =)

Googie said...

Great Job!!

I have a question: How do you breathe when you run? I want to pass out at .5 miles and it is all my breathing. Thanks!

LauraLynne said...

Googie - I've never had a problem breathing when I run - it's not something I've ever particularly paid attention to. It's the weirdest thing, unless I downright sprint, I don't get out of breath. I'm a freak of nature in that way.