Monday, May 3, 2010

made the call...Saturday's the day

I called the leader of the OA group I'm going to go to on Saturday.  I had a few questions and mainly I wanted a point of contact - someone to 'look' for when I got there.  I talked to his wife for a little while, she was able to answer my questions (I'm all about information!) and she gave me her husband's cell phone and I will follow up later this week so that I'm committed to going.  I'm excited.  And scared.  And hopeful.  And terrified. 
But mostly relieved. 
Step 0 - making the decision to just do it. 

Meanwhile today's been a chocolate parade at my desk.  Several (ok - 8, 9 10?) mini chocolate bars.  I'm not proud.  And tonight I have to run - 5 miles.  And I signed up for another race - a 10k in July.  Running is a great way for me to measure my progress without (and sometimes despite!) the scale.

I need to recap my April goals and set some May goals.  Maybe tomorrow!



Laura said...

Proud of you for calling and finding an appointment! Yea for another race! You are doing awesome with the running and you are right, it is a great way to measure your success.

Summer said...

WTG! You can do it. :)

Crystal said...

good luck on your OA meetings! i'm anxious to start mine as well... you'll be ok, especially once you get there... can't wait to hear your may goals!

Drazil said...


And I'm right there with you on the candy fest. I should be going to OA with you.

Googie said...

I just signed up for my third 5k in June. Hopefully by this time next year I can sign up for my first 10k! Chocolate is my worst enemy!

Lindsay said...

Great job you can do it!!!!

FrugalMom said...

That's a great way to keep yourself motivated with the running. I used to run a lot, but a whip lash injury ruined that, so now I just try to work around it.

As for the can be so hard to stay away, believe me I know all about it.

Juli's Journey said...

Way to go for calling OA. I went to a meeting once and I clearly wasn't ready to face my issues. It sounds like you are finding a clear path to success. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to reference your post on my blog tonight. You have brought up many memories for me and I am certain that it is all for a positive reason. Good luck to you. I can't wait to hear about your first meeting. Maybe I will try again. ;)