Tuesday, May 18, 2010

one step closer!!

Tonight I did it.  No - not that, he's not even home yet ;)

I made a phone call.  To the leader of the Saturday OA group.  Let me just say I'd rather give a speech on a topic I know nothing about to the city of Seattle standing stark naked  than make a phone call to someone that I've never met.  But I screwed up my courage and called him.  Found out which door to go into on Saturday and asked that if he saw someone wandering the parking lot to try and drag me in.  so now I've committed to y'all and to him.  And to myself. 

I'm going.  End. Of. Story. 


Off to finish watching The Biggest Loser...the contestants are home and binging.  Interesting.  Shows they're human.  I was beginning to doubt it. 
There's a lesson in that. 



Wishful Shrinking said...

Sounds like it is all systems go! I hope that it is a great meeting with lots of success!

Congrats That first step is the hardest for me too!

Summer said...

Good for you!!!! Can't wait to hear about it. :)

BTW, I love Biggest Loser. Seems like all of us weight loss bloggers watch it. ;)

Crystal said...

YES!! i can't wait to hear what your oa experience is like!! you got through the first step, now the rest will be a breeze!

Sandy Lee said...

Glad you got through that first step. Cheering you on! I loved the BL show last night. So different from other years when it seemed so cut throat.

Melanie said...

Great job LauraLynne, you are worth it. I too, love Biggest Loser. The one thing that got me was the size of the returning contestants. Makes me think that all the pushing and support they got on the show may have made them too dependent. They did not have to find time to workout, it was all they did. Now, they are right back in the same situation as before they left. We, on the other hand, are learning and changing on our own,with a little help along the way. We have to make time, commit daily to the journey we are on. Maybe we actually have the advantage.? Just a thought.

Lisa said...

Good for you!!!

Drazil said...

Well I totally thought I had been my proudest of you but nope - today is that day! You go girl.