Monday, May 10, 2010

Pride - and why I'm grinning like a fool

So - first of all - today I got dressed and came to work.   Just another Monday.  Nothing usual there.  Until a co-worker commented on how it's time for me to go shopping.  So I head into the bathroom and look into the full length mirror. 

Sure enough, I look like the incredible shrinking woman.  My pants and sweater are too big. 

I'm not complaining - this is indeed bragging.  It's time to donate some of my stuff.  I'm a little scared to.  What if...well, I'm sure you all know the paragraph that comes after that.  So tonight I will weed through the clothes and donate the too big stuff. I will  NOT go back.  This journey is about moving forward.

And on the pride note - several people at work know I'm losing weight, most of them know I'm running and participating in races.  A few of them know I've done races in the past (triathalons).  There's one guy that stopped me in the kitchen awhile back and we were talking about signing up for some races this summer - I hadn't yet started training and certainly hadn't signed up for any races.  Since then we've talked a few times - I invited him to come run in the last 5k I did (with my son) and he told me about a duathalon he was doing. 

Well, today, he came down to tell me he was excited about signing up for a local triathalon and wondered if I'd done it before - or was going to sign up for it.  It's the day before my next 5K (and frankly I haven't done any swim or bike training) so I told him I wasn't going to.  We talked "racing" some more - it was all very normal. 

Except that he's about 6'-0" and very fit.  "Buff" even to quote my co-worker.  And he was talking to me like an equal athlete.  Me!! 

So now I'm grinning like the debate captain going to prom with the football captain.  Me! 

And that little voice in the back of my head trying to butt in with - oh - whatever - well, today that voice has duct tape over it's mouth.  I won't listen.  And I'll ride this high for as long as I can. 

Now - I have to add that I do have a lot of people in my life who tell me how well I'm doing - and again as many blog followers who's support means the world to me.  But's just a random thing.



Weighting Around said...

Have fun giving away your "fat" clothes. It's a wonderful feeling knowing you have the confidence to go ahead and discard those things - knowing you will never need them again!

Tricia said...

Very awesome! Sometimes the comments that mean the most come from the most unexpected places. Ride that wave, girl! <3

Flabby McGee said...

awesome, awesome, awesome! Love the analogy of the debate captain.... sometimes all it takes is one little thing and you're grinning like an idiot all day - permagrin. :) Congrats!

Aylilth said...

Boast away girl you have earned it. Enjoy throwing the old stuff away and getting some shopping done!!!

Drazil said...

Soooo happy for you! Now get those saggy pants off and show off them curves you've earned. You are NOT going back - I know that. You've come too far. Keep the duct tape on your inner's totally legal.

Physicallee Fit said...

Talk about a No Scale Victory! Sweet!

Seth said...

people notice faster than we do -- i refuse to buy new clothes because i know that in a few'd be time to do it again. I just keep using smaller belts! :)

Juli's Journey said...

Congrats to you. Go get a new wardrobe. What a great way to reward yourself.

Katy said...

Debate captain going to prom with the football caption! ah hahahahaha. So true. I agree, people you love can tell you they see a difference, but sometimes it's got to come from someone outside your circle.

Katy said...

Congrats, I was just follower number 50! who hoo!!