Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zombieland - double tap - I'm exhausted!

For the past week, I've been exhausted.  Like 9 hours of sleep at night, 2.5 hour nap, another 10 hours at night - exhausted. 

By 5pm my eyes feel like I've been swimming all day, watched 3 sad movies, and then fell asleep with my contacts in - I can't keep my eyes open!!

On top of that - when I do sleep - I'm dreaming!!  Like epic long dreams!! Crazy stuff - stuff that doesn't really relate to life, just random dreams (Last night's was that I was hired to - um - 'entertain' William and Harry - as in England's princes.  where did THAT come from?!)

Nutrition related?  Stress related?  I'm not sure.  I need to figure it out though.

Now the chicken/egg dilema: I haven't been running for 5 days now.  I've been too tired.  I tried on Sunday - ran about 3 blocks before turning around and walking home.  I then took a nap.  The kind where you wake up and you're not sure what decade it is. 

So - I'm going to throw a wrench into things.  Today I'm upping my protein intake (and my calories just enough) and I'll do my scheduled long run tonight (12 miles).  We'll see how it goes. 

I'll either get my groove back or I'll slip into a 3 day coma. 

In other news - I've got my Saturday JAM packed but it does include the OA meeting.  I have to get my motorcycle fixed between now and then to be able to zip between all the stuff I have to do but it's do-able. 

And I ordered another pair of running shoes (for $60 vs. $100!) so now I'm 'indebted' to myself to get up and get running.  I've got a goal - I'm going to track my total miles and attempt to virtually run from my house to the lake where my husband proposed to me - it's 581 miles total and I'm 135 miles into the trip.  I figure approx 20 miles a week training I will finish in 23 weeks.  Mid October.  Which - coincidentally, is about when I'm hoping to reach my goal weight (averaging 2 pounds a week loss). 

Lofty goals.  But obtainable!!

So - today - 12 mile training run.
Tomorrow - day off to grocery shop, meal plan, run, take care of business
Saturday - errands, OA, double header baseball game and pick up race packet
Sunday - 10k "Beat the Bridge" race. 

So if you don't hear a lot from me - I hope you understand!



JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I hope you get the goals done. Sounds like reasonable and achievable goals.

If you continue to be so tired-please-check with a doctor soon.

LauraLynne said...

I will give it over the weekend and if it's not better by Monday, I will go in for a blood test. thank you.
I suspect it's stress - there's a lot going on right now - just general stuff. I plan on taking some down time this weekend to just bring everything back in balance. I'm hoping that brings back my energy as well :)

Katy said...

Either I'll get my groove back, or I'll slip into a 3 day coma... hahaha, that one had me actually laughing out loud, or LOL as the kids these days say.

Morgan said...

You are so inspiring to me with your goals and your commitment.

Lindsay said...

Your amazing, listen to your body and you will know what to do!

Crystal said...

WHOA! look at you! you're beasting this whole running thing! i really hope you make it to your oa meeting... i'm anxious to hear how it goes... it is really odd how tired you've been... but hey, maybe the old bod's trying to tell ya something, eh? it's cool, tho, get your running in before you pass out and you'll be all good :)

Summer said...

I hear ya about being tired. I only lasted 10 minutes during my workout this morning, was too tired to eat lunch, and took an almost 3 hour nap! That is sooooo unlike me. Maybe it's something in the air. =) Hope you feel back to normal soon.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

what great goals! I hope you feel less stressed and tired soon!