Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 3 - hanging in there

well - even after 6 months "practice" this is still hard!  I grazed a little last night but stayed under my counts.  I still haven't gone out for a run.  Tonight - come hell or high water.  I have a half marathon in less than 4 weeks!!  24 days!!  I'm disappointed because it's the same day as a huge car show so my husband won't be able to come watch me - this is half marathon #2 that he's missing - how many do I have to run before he can see me cross the finish line?!  It doesn't seem like much to some people and it's true that I'm running this race for myself - but going to a race alone and finishing alone while people around me have lots of in person support - well, it does make me a lot sad.  But it's not like I can ask him to NOT do the car show - it's crucial he do the car show. 
It also means I have to find a way - after running 13.1 miles - to get to the car show and help with the booth and the cars.  He's happy to just leave the booth unmanned - but I think it's lame.  We're there to market our shop - talk to people, put a face with a name - stand out from the greasy backyard hacks.  Without someone standing there, we're just another shop and the show is a waste of time. 

Anyway - now I'm just rambling when I should be getting ready for work. 

Day 3 - today I will not compulsively overeat. 



Juli's Journey said...

things that are worthwhile are often the most difficult. It's a lifestyle change and it is a great change. Keep it going. One day at a time. Where do you get your reactions bar? I love that. I would love to put that on a post.

LauraLynne said...

Juli - it's an add on for blogger...I can't remember exactly how I did it but I know it wasn't hard :)