Tuesday, June 22, 2010

feeling more in control

The downward spiral is nearly under control - if you don't count the heavy pasta meal I ate last night (which I don't...).  I've got  work fridge stocked with 4 more lunches (yesterday was fresh zuchinni, fresh mushrooms, covered in spaghetti sauce).  I've planned out meals I'm looking forward to, I've successfully avoided snacking in the last 2 days.  I finally feel like I've put the brakes on and am back on track.  There's also rumors of SUNSHINE today...so I'm opptimistically riding my motorcycle to work with the hopes that although it's about 45 or so outside now, there will be sun and 70 for my ride home.  And tonight is a social picnic for our car club.  And I plan to stay under control there - I have a summer full of social eating that I plan to conquer with grace and forthought. 
Today I CAN do this!



Juli's Journey said...

One day at a time. You sound like you have a great plan. Keep it going.

Drazil said...