Thursday, June 10, 2010

I will send one email a day - my campaign

Today I will send an email.  It will be full of encouragement, inspiration, uplifting comments and praise.  I will tell this person how much I love them, how worthy are, and how great they're doing.  I will try and motivate them and let them know how proud of their progress I am.  I will point out their great qualities and highlight their accomplishments.  I will be their #1 cheerleader - I can DO that.

And I will send one email a day to this person - because they deserve it. 

That email - that person - it's me. 

Thanks to anti-Jared for the inspiration and idea!

In other news - last night was our first training for the triathlon in September.  It's a group through my church.  We met on the waterfront in Kirkland, introduced ourselves and then went for a run.  During the "meeting" part of it, I let everyone know that I was a slow runner, determined and able - but slow.  And I asked them to NOT worry if they felt like they were leaving me behind, I didn't mind.  And the leader agreed - everyone run at their pace.  It was a "short run" (I love how my mentality about running has subtly changed!!) and only about 2.5 miles.  We set off and I lagged only a little behind - not too bad.  Caught up at the crosswalk, and then fell behind again.  I wasn't worried about it - we'd all end up back at the meeting spot anyway and I had music to run with. 

One of the guys in the group must have felt bad (4 of them ran at the same pace, I lagged behind) and turned and ran back to jog with me.  I assured him I was fine alone and go ahead with the rest of the group.  He chivalrously told me "my mom would kill me if I did that" and I replied that I wouldn't tell her.  He stuck with me anyway. 

Stopping to tie his shoe, then catching up.  Jogging along and chatting, running backwards and chatting...not helping.  It was nice - I can acknowledge that much.  But I was feeling worse and worse about myself because he was missing out on the run by trying to not leave me to run alone.  He finally gave up and caught up with the rest of the group.  I was relieved and finished the run solo.  Everyone was indeed waiting for me at the parking lot and I grinned and reassured them that I was slow but steady. 

Next week is 12 miles on the bike.  I'll be last then too - but that's fine with me!



Drazil said...

Awww - now I'm not going to pretend that I'm not sad that the email you are going to send isn't to me...I was hoping it was. That's just my gigantic ego talking.
Thanks for comments on my blog today. I want to get better too - it can be done. I can force myself and then realize the outcome didn't kill me but actually was worth it. Just another bridge to cross...and we will....together. Be well my friend.

LauraLynne said...

I'll totally send you and email every day too!!

Ms. PJ Geek said...

Better last than not all ...I get hard on myself when I don't think I measure up until I remember to just be greatful I can do it all. One day I'll get faster, stronger, whatever.

Juli's Journey said...

You are still doing it and that is GREAT!!! Don't discount yourself because of where you place. There are more people NOT doing it at all. You keep it up and KUDOS to you.