Saturday, June 19, 2010

pictures - it's a weird thing...

So - usually when I see a picture of myself, it's at an event.  So I am usually dressed in an outfit that took some thought at least and not just whatever's clean.  And in most cases, when I go back and see pictures of myself, it doesn't match the image of what I FELT like.  I feel thinner than I look - and so often I really can't identify with the "fat girl" in the photo. 
Today I saw a picture of myself that I didn't recognize.  I was glancing through 100's of photos taken at a graduation party I went to.  I was in jeans and a tank top.  And in looking through the thumbnails, I was egocentrically only looking for photos of me, hubby, and/or my son.  I spotted a series with my son, husband, and a infant cousin.  And someone else.  Curiously, I enlarged the photo.  It was ME!  I looked thinner than I felt that day, than I feel today! 
I'm going to try and capture that feeling as I continue to work at getting back on track.  It's a good feeling indeed!!

Does anyone else feel a disconnect between what you see in the mirror and what you see in pictures?  Which direction is the discrepancy?  Do you have a favorite (current) photo that is inspirational to you?


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Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Oh yeah, I always feel thinner than I look. Especially after looking at pictures. I always feel disgusted when I see them. Glad your experience was good.