Tuesday, June 15, 2010

pushing through the tough times...

My eating isn't great - but I've still got the wagon under me...I'm still running, I have a race in under 2 weeks that I have to finish - for my own sake.  The weather here is finally turning, great weekend of sunshine, long weekend of baseball and other commitments.  And - if mother nature is listening, I'm NOT whining - too much sun.  It knocked me out!  I'm a little sunburnt, but not bad.  And Sunday I managed an 8.5 mile run!  It was heavenly!  I feel so acomplished when I run.  And it relates to my eating...

Somehow, in running, I manage to push through the hard parts.  The first mile or 2 is excruciating for me.  I want to quit with every step. Turn around, go home.  But at some point, I push through that and then it's just mechanics - one foot after the other, let the mind wander, let the body work.  Today I'm going to try that with my eating.  When I want to binge, I'll set the clock and push through WITHOUT binging for 15 minutes.  Then I'll try for another 15. 

I should add here - I'm not binging a lot...just a few (3) mini hershey bars - but 3 times a day or more and that adds up.  There's a candy dish and I'm hoping it's empty soon (the 'candy lady' was one of the ones cut in the layoffs, I'll miss her but not her free candy!).  There will always be other temptations, I'm not foolish enough to think that the ONLY source of food is that candy basket...but I've been able to avoid more complicated binging (like leaving the office, going to the store, choosing the food, coming back, eating the food).  Somehow, complicating it holds me off. 

So we'll see.  I also need to go grocery shopping - my fridge is bare!!  Which means we're improvising which isn't great for me.  Tonight is a relatively low key night, should be able to fit a trip to the grocery store in (with hubby's truck - my VW is petering out and hubby will work on it soon!).  I'm on the motorcycle for commuting now - which works out fine while the sun's out!

Ok - time to go feed the stray dog living in our garage (we found a pit bull in our neighborhood last night - he's sweet, friendly, trained, and obviously someone is missing this dog - we'll check for microchip at the vet today).  We have 2 dogs already - boxers - so adding a third to the mix is NOT going to happen.  But we live in a breed discriminatory county to turning this sweet pit bull over to the authorities guarantees euthanization.  So he'll be in our garage until we find his owner.  Someone is missing this dog!!  It's too sweet and well trained NOT to be someone's loved pet!

Comment time - post up your favorite low prep, go-to, low cal dinners!!  I need inspiration!!



Googie said...

I just signe dup my third 5k and I am super nervous. I get to about a half mile and I start to shut down. Any advice?

Lesia said...

So jealous of your energy and determination in running. Wish I could run.smile.

headbandlady said...

I can so relate to you about the first mile....it is like that with everyone I know. Such a mental game. I had a friend just run the SD marathon the first weekend in June....and when I tell her about how I want to give up the first mile....she agrees...and feels the same....so we just have to talk ourselves in to pushing on...it gets easier in mile 2 on.....one thing that has helped me....and I just started doing it recently....is walk the first 1/2 mile I can not believe the difference that has made....kind of like a warm up....but, it has helped improve my time also...weird I know...I read it somewhere....and adapted it to my running....and now...it does not seem so bad the first mile....keep running...it is good for the mind and soul!

Flabby McGee said...

bruchetta - I live on the stuff right now - with skim mozerella cheese. Yum. Poor dog! I hope you find the owner soon, kudos to you for taking care of it!

Yeah - the little stuff adds up FAST. I learned that the hard way :) At least you haven't totally fallen off the wagon!

LauraLynne said...

Googie -
My best advice (and what usually works for me) is to push myself 1 minute at a time - or to a particular goal. I tell myself "self, you WILL run for the next 60 seconds, we will re-negotiate after that..." and that sometimes does it.
other times, I have to literally throw myself forward and VERY sternly tell myself "SELF, you will NOT walk!!"
it's the mental barriers that are the hardest for me - I've pushed my body farther, I've run more, I know my body is more than capable - I'm NOT asking it to do the impossible. And that's important. I'm NOT telling my body to run a 4 minute mile. Because I'm certain THAT would kill me. But I am telling it to run the best it can. It's not easy. I don't know how to describe the conversations that I have with myself about running, eating healthy or otherwise.

I'm pretty sure that if I did it more accurately, I'd be typing this from the library at the mental ward.

LauraLynne said...

Flabby - got a receipe for that?!