Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday update

First of all - thank you everyone for the comments and support and words of wisdom - they mean the world to me and truly help me feel accountable!!  What a great support system

So - an update - and a shameful weigh in...201.4. 

Ok - not bad considering that at one point in the last week it was 205 (water retention anyone?!).  And I'm running again - with a race in one week.  And I'm slowly getting the eating back under control.  And starting to like the body looking back in the mirror more often.  Work is getting busier which helps a lot - I have a lot of my self worth wrapped up in my value at work. 

It's been very slow there and there's been several weeks when I haven't felt the least bit productive.  I hate that!  I sit there idle wishing for something to do!  Now I might regret wishing that - but I LIKE being busy, I hate sitting idle!  As of Monday, we'll also have no internet at work - GASP!!  But I work for a fedral contractor so security is a top issue.  We all knew it was coming...let's hope I can survive it!

Off to catch up on everyone else's blogs!  There's still no sunshine here in the rainy city. 


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