Tuesday, July 6, 2010

emailed the YMCA with comments

I emailed them a long letter.

In looking BACK over their website, I see in their timeline that the 10k starts at 9am - then they list the other races, 5k, family run, kids 1 mile dash, and then, at the end of that, the note: course closes at 10am.  Mathematically that means that if you can't finish 6.2 miles in one hour, you shouldn't participate.  I didn't see it when I signed up - or I would have called and clarified or not entered at all. 

Now I just feel stupid. And why would the YMCA - a facility that promotes health and community is holding a race that only athletes who run a sub 10 minute mile can participate in?!?!  Last year there were 106 runners - 29 of them finished in OVER an hour - that was what I looked at in determining if I could participate. 
I know it's NOT a case of discrimination - I don't throw that around easily.  But I am angry and I feel dumb.  But I sent the email anyway.  Because if I can avoid someone ELSE feeling as badly as I did that day - and as worthless as I feel right now - then my job here is done.  I want them to be aware of how I felt looking for the damn finish line.  I want them to know that it's elitist to run a community race with such strict time limits.   And if they're going to close the course, at least have the courtesy to let me know I can stop running now. 
I just angrily ate a piece of leftover pizza.  Because anger needs food, right?  Jeepers.  What the hell is wrong with me?!


Amy said...

10 min mile is too tough for a charity race.

I have been thinking about my food issues, like your pizza. I was considering getting some books on ED, etc but then do I really another book to collect dust. I was also going to look into OA.

Morgan said...

Is it possible it was a typo? Maybe they don't even realize it says that, and you have alerted them to a problem - because that seems awfully exclusive!

Julie said...

That stinks! It should totally be about what is best for the community, not just the elite runners! Good for you for calling them out on it!