Friday, July 2, 2010

how is everyone planning to make it through the holiday?

We've got a potluck BBQ to attend.  I'm going to bring a giant bottle of water to drink from and a fruit salad to fill up on.  I am going to nibble on stuff other people bring but it will be a bite or two and under control.  I will NOT eat a single chip - those are my kryptonite.  I'm also running a Fourth of July 10k in the morning - hopefully the soreness from that will remind me what I'm doing this all for - to get healthy!
My weigh in today is 200.4, I can live with that!

What everyone else's strategy?  Are you going in prepared or are you going to be flexible and use good judgement?  Or are you going to call it a 'free day'?  Or just stay home and avoid all of it?  What's your plan?



Amy said...

I am teetering on it being a free day versus being under control. The place I am going will have salads, fruit and organic meat. I just need to control how much. I think my plan will be to enjoy, eat more of the good stuff, drink water, enjoy small portions of the bad and not overeat.

Party food is my kyptonite, along with chips and cupcakes, both of which I know will be there. I tend to overeat without knowing it.

The 50 Best Health Blogs said...

I'm just a socially clueless widower, but I guess I better figure out something quickly, because I've got relatives coming over to watch our big local Fourth of July fireworks show, which is very visible from my home.

I'm glad you reminded me.


Drazil said...

Chips - OY. I have NO plan - other than a tape playing in my head "be good, be good, be good".

Oh and BTW - when I get a free minute I plan to read your blog on your marathon as slow as I want. I'm dying to get to it and comment.

Ms. PJ Geek said...

I have no social life it seems-no plans for the 4th..tomorrow is bodycombat class followed by bodyflow. then to see the new Twilight movie and a little shopping with a friend. Taking my own snack to Paneras to have with coffee. On the holiday, planning to grill burgers and make a a cheeseburger salad. Just what it sounds like. skip the bun , mix the burger and fixings and condiments in to a salad. And planned low sugar ice cream sundae with fresh strawberries and a little chocolate. Planned goodness.

Be good, drink water, get your protein in after the race.have fun.