Friday, July 16, 2010

Strange thoughts...

Sorry I've been a little MIA - I'm here, I'm doing ok, just going through some stress.  Today I had a very strange (but good) thought go through my head. 

Surrounded by stress, insead of thinking about food, I was actually longing to go for a run.  Shut UP!  No, really!
I've gotten my eating 90% under control (is 90% control ironic?) and I went for a 12 mile bicycle ride on Wednesday night.  I'm avoiding staying in bed 24 hours a day which is what I'm inclined to do when I'm under stress. 

I'm happy to report I'm back under 200 - 199.x <---ok, I just realized how weird it is that I didn't pay that close of attention to the scale this morning.  Usually that's a number that I see first thing in the morning and then it rolls around in my head all day.  But honestly, today I have no clue what comes after the decimal.  This gives me hope that someday I'll be free of that damn scale.  Here's hoping!!

Sorry to report I haven't been reading other people's blogs either - internet at work is spotty at best, blocked at worst.  And work is starting to trickle in, which is great, but it means less internet time.  And I've taken over the book keeping for my husband's shop.  I'm a drafter by trade, I draw blueprints. Not much math involved.  I don't have a secret degree in accounting - but here I am.  So the learning curve is steep and it's taking a lot of time and even more mental energy.  I feel drained most days - you know that feeling?  The one where even after 8 hours sleep you just want to close your eyes and take a break....for say about 8 more hours? 

My stress will get figured out.  It's like Global Warming, stressful to worry about it, a constant nagging sense of doom and gloom, but essentially, nothing major to worry about. 

One of my ideas for getting this all under control is a 30 blogs in 30 days challenge...I'll figure out the details and let you all in on it soon - very soon!


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