Tuesday, August 24, 2010

no new is good news...day 16

Saturday was 2 weeks no candy.  I've had cookies and chips and some other not-so-great food - but no candy.  I've had it thrown at me (parade), offered to me, brought from Hawaii, gone to the movies, been at a ball game: all without candy.  I'm starting to believe I CAN do this.  The other junk food has been in moderation. 

Surprisingly, I've actually thrown a lot of stuff out - or given it to hubby or the kids.  I'm trying to be aware of what actually TASTES good.  Spend a week doing that...it's enlightening.  There are foods I eat that I don't actually like the taste of.  I've been using moderation as well.  I haven't been writing everything down, more just trying to pay attention.  Be aware.  It's been interesting. 

My next elimination item will be chips - target date Sept 1.  This is a big one.  I love chips.  The taste, the smell...well, you know.  I just love them.  But they're a trigger for me.  And while I love EATNIG them, the aftertaste of guilt isn't worth it. 

I'll replace them with more fruits and vegetables.  Ya, that's the plan (good thing I LIKE fruits and vegetables!). 

My exercise hasn't been great - I've been active and walking and working in the yard, all of which count towards activity - but I haven't been running, swimming, or biking in awhile.  Tonight I WILL swim - I need to make sure I can swim the distance I'm signed up for without drowning. 

How's everyone else doing - I've been slacking on the blogging and blog reading - work is crazy, life is crazy, my internet time seems to be at a premium these days.  I need to re-prioritize. 

so - that's my update - and my weigh-in this week is 202.8.  But that's about to change this week! 



Molly said...

Hey! Nice job on the candy! When you give up chips - try Garden Veggie Crisps. You can have 18 for 2 WW points. They really take care of the crunchy salt need that we all have some days. I find mine at Costco. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Great job on the candy! Keep up the good work. May I ask why you are giving the candy to kids and husband? You know they don't need that crap either. :)

I just noticed your goals for August. How're they coming?

Googie said...

Sugar and candy in general are the worst for me. Soda is also kicking my butt. I think you can kick the chips! Have you tried making your own chips by baking tortillas? You can control it a little more. I noticed my blogging was slacking too, so now I get upa bout 30 minutes earlier and do it before I leave for work!

Laura said...

Glad the no candy is working out for you, missed seeing your blog :) :) :)