Sunday, August 8, 2010

Proof that the universe has a sense of humor!!

Ok - so I've contemplated, casual polled, reconsidered and finally came to this decision:  I am cutting candy out of my diet.  Completely.  Candy for now.  Refined sugar down the road.  But candy is easy to define.  So yesterday was day 1.  And we had a motorcycle ride planned - a nice all day curvy ride with hubby and I and anyone from our church group who wanted to show up. 

One guy showed and then backed out due to weather (it was threatening to rain).  So hubby and I headed north...destination sleepy tourist town for lunch.  It was cloudy and threat of rain but nothing yet - and as we got into one small town on our way, we were blocked ... by a parade!! 

Apparently the fair was in town and along with the fair came a parade.  It was the very beginning of the parade so we parked out bikes (the road was blocked anyway) and sood on the curb to watch.  Here's where the universe's sense of humor came into play.  I told the hubby that morning about my decision.  He supported me - he always does.  So - back to the parade.  It's been a very long time since I've been to a parade and I had forgotten one essential detail.  No - not the clowns.  I like clowns and clowns are still allowed in my life.  I forgot the VOLUMES of candy they throw at you. 
Seriously Universe?  Candy?  Today.  Day 1.  And I'm getting pelted by tootsie rolls, skittles, M&M's, you name it.  All my favorites were there in snack size packs. 

I didn't eat a single one.  Oh - I wanted to.  I really really really wanted to.  But I didn't.  *sigh*  This isn't going to be easy...but eventually - if it's like diet coke for me - it will get easier.  so I'm going to hang in there knowing that. 

Tonight I told my kids what I had given up.  My daughter supported me and my son laughed at me.  I'll show him AND the universe. 

Today I started running again.  4 miles in 53 or so minutes.  The first mile is the hardest.  My brain is telling me how stupid I am and my legs throw in their 2 cents and it's a rather convincing argument that I have to fight through.  But I can do this.  I'm tired of strugging all the time.  I just need to do it.  I know how.  I have the tools. 

I haven't made my workout schedule yet - I have to get input from the kids on when their sports are and work around that - meanwhile I'll run every night.  I promise!

anyway - that's it for my weekend, I'll do a weigh in tomorrow morning for my official "begin again"
Until then!!


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Amy said...

Great job! Someone really wanted to test your resolve. I bet you will feel better without the candy, in about a week. I am working on my running, I need to get over the mile marker. Not a fan of running.