Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What if...

This tiny phrase just popped into my head and it was followed by an endless stream of - well - I couldn't even figure all of it out.  But one part stuck out.  And I'm asking all of you the same question...

What if....tomorrow you woke up at your goal weight?  What's the first thing you would do? 

*I don't have my own answer to it yet - the idea of it shocks my brain into utter silence*

But I'm guessing that it might be one of my hurdles I'm facing.  What WILL I do when I reach my goal??  I can't even picture it - and if you can't picture your goal, how do you achieve it?  I can picture myself running races, I can picture myself choosing healthy foods and/or healthy portions.  But there's a mental block that is making it hard to picture myself at goal.  This is something I will work on this week.  maybe google some images of body types and how I picture myself at 150.  Maybe some pictures of athletes competing and/or winning.  I'm not sure how it's going to look for me.  But I'm going to find out.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

PS.  Still no candy - day 5 today!  Last night I bought Dibs ice cream treats - ate 5 small dibs and stopped.  It was logged.  It's not candy.  But it's close.  And the self control part - both in choosing the ice cream and in the portion size - was a victory.  I will not eat candy.  I just won't.  I can't. 



Molly said...

Um... that's really something to think about. The journey just doesn't end - but where does it go from there? Thanks for the thought - now I can think about this instead of everything else that needs to be done :)

Amy said...

Here is my 2 cents.

You are I are similar with weght lost and weight to go. I too can't imagine myself at 140 but I am not thinking about it. I can't, too far, too unknown.

What I am trying instead is "what will I look like at 180, etc". Seems like a more attainable thought then the whole tomato. Baby steps.

Maybe its time to get naked in front of a full lenght and go thru your parts. "my arms will look like ....", "my stomach will be...." etc.

LauraLynne said...

I think you're absolutely right - one of the things that I avoid like the plague is looking at my body in the mirror. I will check out my clothes at a glance, but other than that, I really don't LOOK. That's a start for me. thank you!

Amy said...

When you do the mirror thing remember to be positive but realistic. For me I have a huge stomach and I know I will never have a cute, flat 6 pack. with sx maybe.

Be positive, positive, positive. No negative talk.

Juli's Journey said...

What a great question. I don't know how to answer that, yet. I know that I would want to do something fun with my five year old daughter. Run, play, skip.... Thanks for showing what the future could bring, Laura. That is exactly what you did by asking that question. :)