Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Biggest Loser makes me cry

I just want to hug every single contestant...I know that it's edited to show the peaks of emotions but I can't help but imagine all the emotions every one of those contestants are going through.  They've publicly admitted they can't do it alone, they're in worse shape than they imagined (aren't we all...), and they're in for a very hard time wrapped in the guise of a reality/game show.  But at the same time it's really the opportunity of a lifetime. 

We all have our journeys to go on - 10 pounds or 400.  Food issues, body image issues, emotional issues, so much that's gone before today.  It all adds up to who we are.  But our journey is at our pace.  Stop and start - sprints and jogging - whatever we're comfortable with at the time.  But all of the Biggest Loser contestant have to be honest and open with their emotions - being dragged out of them at times.  But none of it is at their pace.  Rarely are they within their comfort level, especially physically.  Sometimes I envy them.  And other times you couldn't pay me enough to be in their shoes. 

From the competitive point of view - sign me up.  I'm all for good competition.  But day in and day out surrounded by anything and everything that is weight and food related.  I worry how these people get re-integrated back into normal life.  I see a lot of them gained weight back (how many of us are familiar with THAT). 

But that leads to what I've been discovering recently.  That it's not just words when I say that I have to do this for the rest of my life.  They need to be taught what they can sustain.  Can they fit 8+ hours in the gym into a normal life?  8+ hours?  Hell, I can barely fit 1 hour into most days (although I'm trying to!).  Can they afford the whole organic foods they're offered at the ranch?  Later seasons seem to include more nutrition and cooking info than earlier seasons (the show is learning too it seems).  

I don't know where I"m going with all this.  I'm thrilled that a small percentage of the people who need - and ask for - help are getting it.  At the same time I wish this were available for everyone.  Instead the obese re preyed upon - how many "diets" have you tried?  How many dollars have you spent?  How many days/weeks/months....all without learning how to live the life at a healthy weight. 

I'm struggling with my food lately.  I'm hungry frequently - what's up with that?  And my scale is broken which is frustrating (but maybe a good thing) and my tri training started yesterday so I ran 3.4 miles last night, swam 1.12 miles tonight and have to hop on the stationary bike tonight for an hour (distance will be unknown...) .  But is it sustainable?  I know that I'm jumping in 2 feet with the training - and while I can keep up some form of exercise, even running *eek*, I'm struggling with the idea of ALWAYS doing it.   I want to like it - I dream of the day I look forward to running (the mere thought of that seems so foreign to me). 

anyway - enough rambling.  It's time to finish dinner, watch more Biggest Loser, then spend an hour on the bike. 

Tomorrow:  Pictures! 



Molly said...

Thanks for the thoughts! You're doing great - I think a broken scale is a huge plus!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

You're rockin this thing. Hang in there. Watch out for carbs they'll make you hungry and don't forget your snacks. Eat extra fruit and veggies AND drink your water. Some weeks you are just hungrier than others. It's not always because of emotional reasons.

I used to sit on the couch and watch biggest loser and be jealous of them. now I know how hard that stuff is they do. I've pushed myself almost to tears in workouts before. I've cried the first time I was able to walk/jog a 5k. Sometimes I would wonder why they were talking about how emotional it was for them. I don't anymore. I can't imagine going through that on TV.

Juli's Journey said...

You are not alone. I cry everytime I watch it. The problem is, I forget about what I was crying about the next day.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I think different things are sustainable at different times in our lives. And I think it's okay to lose weight using a method or schedule or whatever that is different than how we intend to maintain, PROVIDED we are self-aware enough to know that the transition is one we'll need to be mindful of.

I used to want to be on Biggest Loser. But I'm so glad I did this myself. No matter what, though, it's not doing it "alone" - I have a whole team of friends, family, and my doc who are helping me through it! I hope you do, too!