Thursday, September 2, 2010

evening of successes continued...

Part 1 here

so I set off on the run - knowing I had 3 laps to complete the entire event.  But with voices in my head - dialog I mean - telling me I could stop at either of the first 2 laps and call it done.

Lap one - I was still surrounded by plenty of runners.  Including the speedo-clad high school water polo team.  As the runners passed in front of me I noticed, in this order, shoulders *dreamy sigh*, muscular backs, tapered waists, speedo covered butts...and their ages marked on their calves.  14, 15, 17...Holy cow, I'm going to jail.  My SON is 14 almost 15.  When did I get so old (and lecherous?!). 

Back to the running...

The loop starts out uphill, then goes uphill more.  Oh boy.  Then it does a rolling downhill (which in my brain I saw it as "uphill on the way back, enjoy it while you can!"), then flat for an out and back loop.  There's a Y in the course with 2 volunteers pointing out which direction to go - all runners headed OUT go to the right, coming back you either go to the left and retrace (laps 1 & 2) or straight for the long course lap 3.  Bear with me, I'm not going to try and make you draw a map *grin*

So I bear right, do the turn around and back at the Y the volunteers ask me which lap as that determines left or straight.  I say lap 1 (most people are on lap 2 at least by now) and follow the path left.  I head UP the hill (the one I knew was coming) and had to walk a portion of it.  My legs were still protesting the swim.  They might never forgive me...only time will tell.

The transition/finish area was still packed on lap 1 - I caught my husband's eye and grinned for the official photographer.  I headed off on lap 2, still negotiating with the voices/dialog about just how many laps I would be completing.  1 down, at least 1 to go.  I knew I wanted to finish the WHOLE race.  And I just hoped they'd leave the course open for me!

It was during this lap that something strange and new happened.  I'm a heads down runner (I know I know - bad form -WHATEVER!).  I usually watch my feet as they disappear under my body over and over again.  I keep an eye on what's ahead - I've never ran into anything unexpected - but in order to keep my body running, I keep a close eye on it.  Usually I also notice all the jiggling going on from that perspective.  The girls are strapped down tight (or I'd have 2 black eyes) but the rest of me is free to fight the battle of 'gravity vs. momentum' also known as "Jiggle".  I've been pretty good at cutting myself slack - even elite athletes jiggle when they run - and I've been pretty successful at merely notices and not berating myself for the jiggle.  And it's getting better - it's noticeably better after 40 pounds gone.  But last night - a new voice spoke up.  A strong voice, a convincing voice. 

"Just LOOK at those legs - they're carrying you wherever you need to go - you demand so much from them and they perform for you - they're strong, they've capable, and you are RUNNING with them" 

I almost started crying - I'm almost crying now. It's so true.  For so many of us - heavy or not.  Our legs are wonderful and we take them for granted.  And while I've beat myself up over the size/shape/length of my legs - I'm here to tell you:  MY LEGS ARE PERFECT.  They have never let me down.  I realized this last night as I was running.  They're strong.  Under the weight I've let settle there, they're muscular.  I push them and they carry me wherever I want/need to go.  And last night was no exception. 

Lap 2 on the run back the volunteers at the Y asked me what lap - I slowed down enough to say that I was going left, I had one more lap to go and that I'd be "right back"  (by some definition of right back!).  I thanked them as they cheered me on.  Once more walking about 50% of the uphill and coming down around and back into the transition/finish area there were decidedly less people but the cheering was loud as I came down the hill - they pointed me to the finish line and I declared:  ONE MORE LAP TO right back!  and headed back up the hill for lap 3.  Voices be damned - I was going to do the WHOLE event. 

Lap 3 I headed to the out and back then finally was able to go straight at the Y for the long course added out and back.  (aren't you glad you didn't have to draw a map - the course was well marked and there was very little confusion as to where to go!).  It was nearly dark at this point and the trail was gravel but I had sure footing and ran on.  They were picking up cones as I ran and one of the volunteers ran up the final hill behind me (at least I think she did...I was concentrating SO hard on finishing at that point).  I came down and around the final portion and the transition/finish area was nearly deserted.  Organizers, volunteers, vendors - and my husband.  That was about it.  But the finish line was still up - the clock was still running - and so was I.  Across the timing mat and finishing with a time of 1hour 45min. 

The course was scheduled to be open for 1hour 40min but with the late start...well, anyway - I only missed my goal by 5 minutes.  But I'm fine with that!  I had so many other things to be grateful for - including the organizers for not giving up on me. 

1000m swim/8k run.  I can do it.  With strong legs, strong will, strong determination.  And a gratefulness to God who makes all that possible. 

No time to relax though - next race is in 16 days - Kirkland Triathlon!


PS.  The swag at the end of the race was CHOCOLATE!! And because I was last, they told me to take as much as I wanted...I took 2 boxes and brought them to work today.  They're now in the deserving hands of 2 co-workers who appreciate them!  3+ weeks of no candy and day 4 of no chips!


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Victory, victory, victory!!! Love it!

Molly said...

I'm so proud of you! Way to go!

Findingfitme said...

Great job. My first Tri is a month away and I am freaking out. I am not a runner and I have to run a 5k. Not much but still.

P.S. Proud you gave away the chochlate.

RockStarTri said...

Great job all around