Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday check in...and wow what a weekend!

Let me first start by saying that truly - in my life, even with struggles, I'm blessed. With friends, family, and opportunities.

Saturday was an annual motorcycle ride with a great group of friends. 10 of us headed at warp speed up to Winthrop, WA - a 130 mile one way trip on excellent roads. We made it in *ahem* really good time with little to no traffic, no mishaps, and perfect weather. Riding really does bring me back to center, reminds me of all the things that are good in life, and generally leaves me smiling. The day ended with an oyster BBQ at a friend's house...and boy oh boy does he BBQ a mean oyster - I'm drooling just thinking about it! My victory of the day was at the BBQ - like so many other BBQ's - there were chips. Ruffled ones even! My (former *sigh*) favorites. But I didn't eat one. I thought about it, schemed, rationalized, even contemplated cheating and starting the count over on the chip exclusion count. But I didn't.

You read that right. I didn't eat a single chip. Not the ones offered as a started at lunch OR the copious (and ruffled!) ones at dinner. And for that - I'm proud!!

It's been nearly one month without chips. And nearly 2 months without candy. I was staring at candy today. Wanting some. Really wanting some. But I tried to remember what I liked about candy. Was it the texture, the flavor, the smell? What was it exactly. It wasn't anything that had to do with actually eating it. It was more of a reward system - or sometimes a punishment. It represented something other than food with me. It was a habit. A comfort. A way to represent emotions: sad, angry, tired, frustrated, happy, celebrating...

But I don't miss it. I mean I still WANT it...I think about it...especially when they introduce "new" candy (snickers has a new one...I was tempted) but not for any reason I can put my finger on. I've decided it was merely a habit. An addiction. Without thought. Without reason really.

So here's to 2 months no candy...and many more.

Chips are another story - I love the salty taste - I love the crunchy feel - I still remember WHY I ate chips. I LIKE them. No - I LOVE them. If someone made me choose chips or oxygen - I would have to think about it. But it's been almost a month. And I still want them. I still try and rationalize why I can - should! - have them. I'm eating a sandwich for lunch - chips just GO with a sandwich, right? And they're crunchy and salty and tasty.

But - like candy - I can't moderate them long term. Key is long term. Short term I did ok. 6 months I pulled it off. Several times. Each time I've tried to lose weight, I can modify my diet for 4-6 months, lose some weight - and then I start slipping.

Candy and chips are gateway foods for me. So they're eliminated.

Next is refined sugar - probably not in it's entirety but no treat like foods that have sugar - ice cream, cookies, etc. I'll have to keep my eye on where I do get sugar from and decide from there. I do eat instant oatmeal every morning with sugar in it - I'm not sure I want to give that up but I might. I haven't decided - has anyone else done this?

I'm also not sure of what else I need to eliminate - probably processed foods (which I don't eat much of) and then I'll continue to work on portion control and daily nutrition.

In my world of working out etc - today starts my triathlon training plan. I want to do a "big" race next year - either several Olympic distance tris or an actual half ironman. The idea of a half ironman is intimidating - I have a post it on my monitor with the distances listed - I just stare at it and think one of two things: either "are you nucking futs? That's a lot of work!!" or "wouldn't it be cool if you did it just once..."

so for the next 16 weeks, I'll be training for Olympic distance triathlon (that's on a post it note here too - visual reminder of my goals). I downloaded a training plan and am ready to start tonight!!

here's my plan:

it's a lot. I know. But I don't take small steps.

I have some goals for the next period of time - some small, some big - but this post is long enough so I'll save it for tomorrow's blog!!



Allan said...

I like the plan alot.. Awesome

RockStarTri said...

Stepping up in distance is exciting and frightening at the same time. It takes a different mindset but I'm sure you can succeed!

Juli's Journey said...

Wow, Laura. You do have a great family. I would have had a chip or two. :)

Thanks for more fabulous tips.