Monday, September 6, 2010

more on moderation vs. elimination...

I was replying to a comment on my original post - and I had a small epiphany:  The elimination has been hard.  Harder than moderation.  Going without vs. trying to moderate has been a lot harder for me.  But I'm doing it.  And I'm concentrating on one event at a time.  It automatically breaks it down for me and I have daily successes.  Grocery shopping - no chips or candy.  Drive by the convinience store - don't stop.  There are bittersweet chocolate chips in my cupboard for cookies (eventually) - they're all still there.....

I still have to have little pep talks to get through each moment of struggle.  But it's getting easier.  At least sometimes.  There are some days where I really just want to bag it.  Candy's on sale...chips are cheap (and SO yummy!).  But then I remember my progress.  And that I'm accountable.  To you guys (thank you!) and to my husband (my biggest supporter!) and my kids (my biggest doubters). 

*The epiphany*
Because this is such a struggle for me (as my husband sits across the desk from my with a fresh bag of tortilla chips!!), I think it's actually working.  The fact that it's SUCH a draw for me and such a daily struggle tells me I'm on the right course.  The fact that it's so hard (right now) is a major clue into what the issue is.  And I really feel like this is sustainable.  There's no candy and chips (and later refined sugar and artificial sweetner and then who knows) on the food pyramid, it's not required in a healthy diet.

That epiphany makes me feel like I'm on the right track.  And, for once, and this is a biggie: The scale is NOT my focus.  I'm certainly keeping an eye on it and you bet your booty that I'm dancing in the bathroom when it shows a loss - but the other morning it showed a FIVE pound gain overnight.  And I shrugged and put the scale back where it came from.  I was confident it was a fluke.  And it didn't freak me out - I've been successful in avoiding the foods I've eliminated.  And that feels awesome. 

Back to enjoying my last hours of a long weekend!!


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Googie said...

If it wasn't a struggle, then we would all be super skinny, but it is, and we are not. Keep up the great work!! I try to never carry cash with me so I don't stop at the gas station on the way home for a candy bar. I feel bad if I swipe a card for a buck.