Monday, September 6, 2010

scale is dropping...and other rainy day ramblings

Today's weigh in was 200.8 - felt so good not to see 202 on there - it's been a very long time!  Maybe the eliminating is working...

This weekend has been full of working - not the "paycheck" kind of work, but yard work, house work, computer work.  The yard is closer to civilized - it was a jungle.  The house is closer to clean (I hate cleaning the house!!) and there is a calander on the fridge with this week's meals posted.  There's even matching inventory in the fridge to go with that menu!! 

I love 3 day weekends - this one was actually 3.5 days.  Oh how I wish I could do this every weekend - between the 2+ hour commute a day and 40 hours a week of work - there just aren't enough hours in a week to get everything done.  My to-do list is getting shorter but it's still nothing less than several pages long.  I need to paint the walls, I need to organize pictures, there's so much that I WANT to get done. 

The upside of working so hard at home is that I practically forget to eat.  Ok - there is that slice of "just out of the oven" bread that I'll NEVER forget but otherwise I can lose track of time.  At work, I'm constantly watching the clock - 7:30 breakfast, 10am snack, 12 is lunch of course, 2:30 or so is snack, and then usually head home for a 7pm dinner.  My day is marked off not by hour but by meals.  At home, it's different.  Snacks are "oh - I'm hungry but busy" but not time dependant.  I prefer the spontaneous method - but it's not practical at work.  I'm too bored usually (until work gets busier at least - thank you economy). 

Anyway - I'm off to the movies...after a stop by the grocery store for baby carrots.  I struggled all weekend with "is popcorn off limits" question.  I've gone back and forth.  But because of the struggle, I figured that it is off limits:  it falls easily into the chips/crunchy snack category that I've eliminated.  So baby carrots will be my "munch while I watch" snack (as I annoy the entire theater even while I try to be quiet!)

I found another entrant for the Kirkland Triathalon that I'm doing on the 18th - he's a new client at my husband's shop (he's having a Chevelle restored!).  He's also physically VERY in shape - special ops forces - and I'm certain he'll do very well in the race.  Meanwhile, I'll keep pluggin along, hopefully nothing worse than mid-pack.

Which reminds me, I'd better get a training plan on the schedule for these last few days before the race!


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