Wednesday, September 8, 2010

scheduling exercise

I find - and I think a lot of people are like this - that if I schedule exercise, I'm more likely to do it.  Just "getting to the gym every day" isn't good enough.  Signing up for a class or a group - that will keep me moving.  For my marathon training, I wrote out 15 weeks of running - and held myself accountable.  But since then - and that was JUNE - I've been horrible at going out and moving.  I've done a few races and with a triathlon right around the corner, I've been more dilligent about getting in the pool and getting on the bike.  I sucked at the swim in my last race and the negative voices that told I me should have trained more were right.  I really want to try and avoid that for the next race. 

But what then?  I won't have a race until December - and left to my own device, I'll play mafia wars until then and then beat myself up for lack of planning.  So today I signed up for  6 week unlimited boot camp.  Oy vey.  It's early in the morning and I'll have to adjust my work schedule slightly to make it work.  But I CAN make it work - and it's near my house - and it's unlimited for 6 weeks!  It was only $40 for that period of time - so my frugal side voted "yes".  Hopefully I love it only enough for 6 weeks of working out - because it's really expensive otherwise (like car payment every month expensive!!)

And I won't start until October or so...maybe I can time it to finish it around Christmas time and make a goal of losing 15 pounds in 6 weeks (unlimted boot camp should be good for an average of 2+ pounds a week maybe?).  If I can lose 5 by then (in 3 weeks or so) then I'll see 180 by Christmas.  It seems reasonable.  Lofty goal but I think it's do-able. 

Ok - so it's decided - 180 by Christmas.  That's my goal.  We're going away for Christmas this year - we're due for a family get away and leaving the holiday stress behind is something we've threatened every year for a long time. 

I'm kind of excited for boot camp - it's a plan.  And I love plans.  I live for plans. 

On that note - this week's menu planning has gone very well.  Including left overs for lunches - and no buying lunches!  Healthy AND frugal - score!!  And it's so much easier with school back in and kids and hubby working late - when someone sks "what's for dinner - I have an answer!!  And I can relax during my commute, head directly to the pool for my 1/2 mile swim, and then home where whoever gets there first knows to get dinner started. 

I feel so organized on all fronts!!  And committed to more blogging...I like Drazil's idea of daily 'themes' - keeps things  a little organized (yay!).  Now I'll have to think of themes....ideas? 
I need to have a picture day - it's time to update.  And maybe a weekly goal and check in on longer goals?  Race reports/exercise wrap up, a day of new receipes (that would be more for me than anyone!!  I've been in a cooking rut...).  Any other cool ideas? 

In other news - I have a lengthy article to post soon - this weekend maybe.  "What nobody tells you about Gastric Bypass"  It will probably have to be in several parts (maybe that will be a weekly installment?)

Until tomorrow!!


PS.  can someone help me with creating a cool signature?  I see them on other blogs and have design-envy!

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Dr. Fat To Fit said...

I'm jealous of your super organization! I try, but I'm not there quite yet. I totally agree that you have to schedule the exercise. I pretty much get it figured out each week because for me it varies. You're doing so well! Keep going.....